Palindromic Year

     a curious year
     a numerological coincidence
     not intrinsic
     analysts say
     yet coincidences
     are the spikey protuberances
     in the fabric of reality
     that prod our minds
     to view reality
     in new ways

     in the usual way
     at the time i traversed it
     back to winter again
     winter to spring to summer to fall
     january to december
     if we run time backward, an invariant
     which is the same reversed
     in sum, winter to winter
     for our new design
     familiar backdrop
     old background

     snowflakes floating to heaven
     the summoned foliage hearkens
     while i stare in the mirror
     revealing the red-brown leaves beneath
     and gathering courage rises
     bits of whisker rise to my razor
     the overreaching branches beckon them
     to suckle as piglets at their mother
     and i paste my beard on, patch by patch

     back comes innocence, with it ignorance
     get it right this time?
     i'd run all my years in reverse
     oh shit
     no, it wouldn't work
     back to a point before regret
     just a crap shoot all over again
     the memories evaporate one by one
     throw the lever

     which one was forward?
     no way to tell
     take the long view
     a year is a point anyway
     with points it is meaningless
     to talk about
     the front end

Copyright © by John Remmers.