RSS and the New Web Revolution

John H. Remmers

Dept. of Computer Science, Eastern Michigan University (Emeritus)

What is RSS?

Here are a few sites that give succinct non-technical explanations of RSS:

For another succinct summary of RSS, with pointers to lots of other material, check the Wikipedia RSS entry.

Here's a link to a brief RSS history.

Who Supplies RSS feeds?

Orange Buttons - Huh?

What's in an RSS Document?


The What's New Problem.

So what's the problem?


Kinds of aggregators

Innovative Uses of RSS

Search Feeds (Query Feeds?)

Instead of feed residing in static file, it's generated dynamically as follows:

  1. Client sends URL that contains a query string.
  2. Server translates to database query.
  3. Server packages result as RSS and sends it back to client.


Acknowledgment and Final Notes

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The Wikipedia RSS entry is a good starting point for learning about RSS.

See also my Furl collection of RSS links and Bloglines public blogroll.