RSS and the New Ecology of the Web

John Remmers

Dept. of Computer Science, EMU (Emeritus)


  1. RSS 101
  2. The Ecology of RSS Feeds

Part 1. RSS 101

Feeds and aggregators - basic concepts.

Feeds and Aggregators

Who Provides Feeds?

Static vs. On-Demand Feeds

Sample query feeds

Part 2. The Ecology of Feeds

Feeds are simple data objects that can be sliced and diced in various ways.

Feeds as Objects

Implications of the Above

Advantages for Providers

Part 3. RSS and LINGUIST

How can LINGUIST use RSS and related technologies to benefit itself and its users?

Measuring Traffic

Linguist query feeds?

Personalized feeds?

Further Suggestions

Acknowledgment and Final Notes

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The Wikipedia RSS entry is a good starting point for learning about RSS.

See also my Furl collection of RSS links and my rss collection.