Who I am, and what this site is about.


Short-short fiction.

Illustrated Stories

Stories with AI-generated illustrations.


Metrical jottings.

Days of Smoke

Stories about the smoking culture of the 1960s.


Me playing ragtime on the piano.

Slide Shows

Presentations I've given on web technology.

Info on My CD

A collection of ragtime piano solos, now available for purchase.

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RSS feeds offered for this site.


Facebook page

I'm on Facebook. If you have an account, you can read my posts.

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I post stuff on Google's social network too.

Twitter timeline

I've got a Twitter account but don't post much.

Pinboard bookmarks

Pinboard is a bookmarking service where I post links to things that I find to be of interest. Maybe you will too. You're welcome to look them over.

YouTube channel

I've posted some videos of my ragtime performances here.

Other YouTube videos of me

Videos of my performances that other folks have posted.


Grex is one of the oldest discussion forum sites on the internet, dating back to 1991. I'm a founder, participant, and former staff member.

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