Here are some short-short stories that I've written over the years.


The Plan

Well, it seemed like a good plan at the time.

The Ladies Oblivious to the Scratching of My Nails

I make my getaway.

The Garden

Cleanliness is all right in its place, but…


Holy Spinoza, Batman!


That Brody is really bad news.

White Hats

Where are the heroes of yesteryear?

Down By the Riverside

The flotsam and jetsam of the ages…

Some Days Are Like That

Out of the frying pan into the fire…

The Legion of Failed Superheroes

We can't all be Superman or Batman.

Rawhide Cello

What keeps you sane while you're going for the gold?


A tale of town and country.

Domestic Dialogue

A drama in one act.


Oh how I hate to see that evening sun go down.

Jim Anderson

One man's redemption.

Lost, but Not Forever

There are some things that you can count on.

The Diagramming of Sentences

A tale of love and grammar.


Can one ever go home again?

Elevator Games

Some games go on for a long time.

Reading: Lesson One

Read this reader's guide to reading.

The Still White Maiden of the Vineyards

Two visions.

How to Become a Writer

Everyone can be a writer. Here's how!

The Writing Process

Why my novel took ten years to write.

Let There Be Laundry

The genesis of laundry, King James version.

The Horror of the Himalayas

Writers can't ever use too many adjectives!

What Constitutes Good Mental Health?

An Inquiry

On the Veranda

Fate has a way of sneaking up…

Mirror Wisdom

Drinking really enhances one's powers of reflection.


Another story.

One Day Last June

This really happened to me. Can you prove that it didn't?

My Writings

Will the popular successes of today be forgotten in the future?

The Lesson of the Master

My Philosophy 101 nightmare.

The Woman in the Park

The end of the line.

The Cows

My bovine infestation.

In the Early Evening

Why I'll be staying at home.

The Tragic Tale of Jacob the Inventor and Private Detective Fred Mandible

The world has never known a greater tragedy than this.

Some Days Are Like That: Part 2

This has no connection to Part 1.


This story goes nowhere.

On the Decline of Literature in the 21st Century

It's all zombies now.

The Story of Everything

A tautological epic.

On the Sorting of Currency

A two-character drama in one act.

Death of the King

A vegetative story.

Getting Close to the Island

Lean and mean, that's the ticket!


A night vision.

The Shaggy Gnome

On cleaning one's room.

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