One Day Last June

I was out in the meadow one day last June, basking in the bright, warm sun. A light breeze. Birds chirping. The faint sound of a train in the far distance. Heaven on earth.

Suddenly, a giant hand appeared in the sky, its fingers sweeping rapidly from horizon to horizon! This really stirred things up. Time to say goodbye to the peaceful, idyllic day…

The sky turned menacing. It became bitterly cold. Suddenly there was a great blizzard. The wind howled. I was almost blinded by the dazzling snowflakes.

Then the stars began to drop from the heavens. Polaris (the North Star) lodged in the tree above my head. Venus (a planet, not really a star) splashed into the pond nearby.

For the most part, though, the stars and snowflakes vanished into the seamless grass of the meadow. Although I tried, I didn’t have time to catalog them all before they disappeared.

When I die—presuming that I go to Heaven—I’ll make a point to ask God for a list of all the stars and snowflakes that I missed. God keeps very complete records.

Copyright © by John Remmers.