If you want to read some of my poetry, you've come to the right place.


She Swallowed All the Cities Up

The shining cities, many-hued…

A Single Tree Among the Wood

Has earned a special place…


Would someone bring Cassandra back?

My Ideas

Reality checks are useful…

Santa Fe

As I was going to Santa Fe…

High School Play Selection Process

You have to make do with the resources you've got.

A Drive in the Country

A pleasant outing (mostly).

The Big Foot Stomp

Hit the dance floor, no time to lose!

Jack Rood

A nursery rhyme.

Peter Strasheim's Younger Brother

You can't do everything.

The Mulberry Tree

Songs immortal, crystal-cast, melodic bridges to the past…

Little Bee

Sting not anyone but me…

Police Moved Through the Meadow

An Emily Dickinson Fever Dream.

Perhaps from Lands Beyond the Sea

A medieval fantasy quickie.

Life's Mysteries

An enumeration.

Long John Silver's Favorite Poem

(To be read aloud…)

Self-Referential Poem

It is what it is.

The Quiet Moon Shines Bright Above

A poem for Halloween.

Scarborough Fair

Not the Simon and Garfunkel version!

Palindromic Year

Not the same backward as forward.

I Don't Have to Do What You Say

I don't I don't I don't!!

I Miss the Sun

A lament from southeast Michigan.

Far Past the Ordinary

An arrival.

Oh Will You Be My Honey Babe?

A ragtime song.

A Meditation on the Pavilion

What a waste!

Roses Are Red

I'm the Grinch what stole Valentine's Day.

Mighty Weird Possum

Weird indeed…

Out to Lunch

Food and travel, a delicious combination.

Shake Dem Bones

A poetic and anatomical travesty.


It's hard to beat!


I dreamed this in some weird language. Can you translate it?

Rodeo Blues

My obsession.

Old Ben

An unfinished work.

What Poems Should Do

A post-modernist literary manifesto.

Teddy Bear

O where o where is he?

Anemone, My Enemy

The scourge of my existence!

Night and Day

They pass in fated order.

Dream On

Dreams have power.

Belleville Big Boy

For a meal you'll really enjoy...

Big City

No more small town hick stuff.

I’m So Tired

Shut up so that I can hear my voices!

How I Spent Tuesday Evening

It could have been worse.

Violets Are Blue

A love poem for the 21st century.

Yo Ho Ho

Let's booze it up!


It pays to shop smart!

Jacob's Ladder

Always know when to stop.

So Square

Tradition must be kept at all expense!

Monarch of Night

The moon is king.

Persons of Great Power

Less is more.

In Ancient Times Did Homer Write

Who was Homer anyway?

I Heard of Her from Others' Lips

A great surprise.


They'd build her a palace.

The Two Moons

I hate them.


Nighttime is the right time.

Sidetrack Bar and Grill

They serve the best burgers ever!

Mexican Reverie

It's so romantic.

There Is But One Trumpet

Nothing new under the sun.

Snow Roses

A different sort of flower.


There's no escape!

Oh Wouldn't It Be Nice

It sure would!

Behold the Sky

A cheerful poem.

We Have Met Our Maker

A pessimistic poem.

The King Was in His Counting House

A sad, sad tale.

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