Out to Lunch

Food and travel, a delicious combination.

I know it’s extravagant
But what the hey,
I like to go out to
Lunch EVERY day!

Not so much the food
But the travel that’s dear,
’Cause I venture outside
Of the local sphere —

And journey to Surrey
For a taste of curry

Or to downtown Brussels
For a plate of mussels

Or the heart of Dubuque
For tomato and cuke

Or Istanbul, Turkey
For some nice beef jerky

Or Ten Downing Street
For hot cream of wheat

Or darkest Duluth
For a Baby Ruth

Or the Plain of Jars
For some chewy Mars Bars

Or to Santa Fe
For curds and whey

Or Texarcana
For fried banana

Or New Orleans
For Boston baked beans

Or Chicago, Ill
For some pickles (dill)

Or Guantanamo Bay
For Frito-Lay

Or sunny Cannes
For some moo goo gai pan

Oh, the food and locale
Don’t have to match,
Nor to be credible
Need the food be edible,
But it’s surely a crime
If the two don’t rhyme.

Copyright © by John Remmers.