It pays to shop smart!

I went into a store that charged much more
Than the other store that was next door,
A fact that made me angry to the core
And led me to the manager implore
To charge not seven, six, or five, but four.

The fellow let out such an angry roar
When I did dare to thuswise him implore,
That I was moved to exit by the door
That led into the street, but rain did pour
And much deter me. I went back for more.

The owner seemed to think it was his chore
To chide me for alleging that his store
Would charge me, without reason, so much more
And said that if he were a matador
And I a raging bull, he would me gore.

Tis time, thought I, to settle now the score,
And show this churlish goon a thing or four,
He’d not a clue of what I had in store
To remedy my grievance, and what’s more,
Show my disdain for what he was and wore.

But then, thought I, let’s just go to the store
That occupies the space that is next door,
And pay the cheaper price, a paltry four,
Not five, six, seven, or even more,
And let that be the settling of the score.

And so I did, and bought for only four
The thing that just next door cost so much more,
A book of verse about the lost Lenore
Rich with tales of long-forgotten lore,
High price shall I endure... Nevermore.

And now, in closing, let me you implore
That as you browse the aisles in any store
Please be alert for overpricing, or
You’ll pay too much, and that will make you sore.
Instead, with bargains cultivate rapport.

I’ll stop for now, my tale begins to bore,
At any rate, it’s almost half past four.

Copyright © by John Remmers.