Police Moved Through the Meadow

An Emily Dickinson Fever Dream

Police Moved Through the Meadow

Police moved through the meadow
Arresting mice and weeds —
Who could tell the reasons,
The motives for these deeds?

Bunny Business

Bunny business is funny business,
Nobody's business but theirs,
You cannot hope to fathom
The society of hares.

Out in the Hall the Young Men Sang

Out in the hall the young men sang,
Hoping to lure mates,
Yet I cannot muster interest
In learning of their fates.

Lieutenant Woman, You

Lieutenant Woman, you who set my soul on fire,
Give me the punishment that is my sweet desire —
Whenever I spy a cabbage head lying loose upon the floor,
I think of my Lieutenant Woman standing near the door.


Insects do nothing for me,
They simply leave me cold,
Give me instead a fruity pumpkin
Or a tasty bit of mold.

I Put Taffy in the Trunk

I put the taffy in the trunk —
The day was hot —
The taffy melted —
A fly buzzed.

I Voted Twice

I voted twice,
Once for the candidate of my head,
Once for the candidate of my heart —
But an independent won.

I Count the Hours

I count the hours to the next event
That marries logic to love,
An elite taxi driver
Will figure in this.

Out of Nights and Mornings

Out of nights and mornings
The creatures came, applauding
The stars and the sun,
The twinklers and Mr. Hot.

I Just Read in the Paper

I just read in the paper
How the teams had fared,
That new films had just opened,
And war had been declared.

Copyright © by John Remmers.