Life's Mysteries

An Enumeration


Michael was my friend's obsession;
Hypnotically induced regression
Turned up nothing in her psyche
To explain her dread of Mikey.


Hiram sensed an emanation
Coming from the railroad station.
Bill denounced as gross delusion
Hiram's ray-induced confusion.


A recent graduate from college,
Joe was full of first-rate knowledge.
Why, on his job interview,
Did he coat and tie eschew?


The cheery song “God rest ye merry”
Was a source of dread for Larry.
His friends were really quite amused
That “rest” with “death” he so confused.


Philip was enthralled by Kate
E'en when she was hours late;
Why'd he feel it was worth waiting
And put up with such postponed dating?


Peter Piper sought some peppers
In a colony of lepers.
Why would Pete, of body sound,
Seek in such infected ground?


Today's films dwell on blood and gore.
Was Fred repulsed unto his core
At violence that he did deplore?
Why no, he always craved still more.


Why did Odysseus and his crew
Leave home, fair Helen to pursue?
In modern times, as we all know,
It's easy come and easy go.

Copyright © by John Remmers.