Look! Do you see the children at play
Over there in the lot across the way?
Study them, and you will know
The future — it speaks in their chatter and movement.

See? In the tree, a bees nest there,
The creatures, they hum and buzz, and are charged
With a purpose that comes from — you know where —
A queen's within, their radiant sun!

Put yourself in the place of that insect queen,
But imbued with an extra, the power of reason.
Do you think that perhaps you would wallow in fear
Knowing you could not survive on your own?


Do you believe that myth is falsehood,
Idle fancy, a web of lies?
No, I think myth is truth, when shorn
Of facts that serve only to clutter!

Have you read the poem, Homer's song,
Of the suitors who reveled and feasted
In the household of Odysseus' lady?
So inventive they were when hope-infused.

Troubadors in days long past
Did sing of many a mythic queen,
Shining knights did clatter and clash,
Inspired by visions of charm and beauty.


Did Helen send missives, pleading for rescue
From Priam's city? Most certainly not!
Most likely she was entirely happy
As long as her captors catered her needs.

Now — imagine poor Helen, snatched from her chamber,
Transported by magic, dropped down in Peoria,
Would she be a waitress? Oh no, not our Helen!
She'd turn on the charm, and they'd build her a palace.

They'd build her a palace, all grandeur and glitter,
Awesome, stupendous! They'd be her protectors
And strive for her favor. She'd take refuge gladly,
For remember, she's fearful and must be propped up.

They'd posture and strut, sing songs and write stories,
Fabulous stuff, in a class by itself,
They'd hope for her reign to be everlasting —
But one day they'd look, and their queen would be gone!

But where'd she have gone, our ephemeral Helen?
Oh, another such place, just a bit more upscale.
Wherever she's gone, they're building a palace
For her to be queen in, of that I'm quite certain.


So look at the tree, at the bees nest there,
At the creatures, buzzing about with such purpose.
You know where their drive is coming from, don't you —
From the queen within, their radiant sun!

And look! The children are still at play
Over there in the lot, across the way.
Watch them well, and you will see
The future as it speaks in their chatter and movement.

Copyright © by John Remmers.