What Constitutes Good Mental Health?

An Inquiry

What constitutes good mental health?

Is it when you are happy and confident and know that you can look trouble in the eye and stare it down and live and let live and keep your anxiety under control and don't get these terrible headaches and hear voices telling you that they are Xanto the Unavoidable and you must go and make a salami sandwich and put it in the back of your boss's desk drawer where he won't see it and after a while it will begin to smell and you take some aspirin but no that doesn't help the headaches and you lie down and try to sleep and you hear a sound like a great rushing torrent of water and suddenly the house gets swept away in a flood and you look up and see a giant who has lifted the roof off the house and he is staring down at you and suddenly you wake up and say ha ha it was only a dream and you take some more aspirin and then you open the closet door and you move the pile of dirty clothes in the corner and reveal an opening into another dimension and suddenly a hand reaches out and pulls you through the opening and you are falling and falling down down into a bottomless pit and you look down and see a great demon's mouth open waiting to swallow you and you scream and scream and hear a chorus of cackling laughter and you know it is not a dream and start to cry and you look at your hand and it is glowing with an eerie bluish light and then it falls off?

Is this what constitutes good mental health?

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