A night vision.

Night. You are on a raft. There is nothing but the calm, gently rippling water in every direction, stretching to the horizon. No land in sight, no other vessels.

You lie on your back, on a soft blanket, gazing at the cloudless sky. You feel nothing but the gentle undulation of the raft and the subtle movement of the warm night air. The brilliant golden stars beam down at you.

Then, in the distance you hear, faintly, organ music mingling with the songs of the whales. Oh! Now the stars are moving about, weaving around one another, dancing to the whales' song. Occasionally a star will swoop down, skip along the water's surface for a few moments, then zoom back up to the sky, and dance...

Well, now there are shooting stars -- red, yellow green, silver, purple. They live for just a moment, streaking across the sky, then vanish forever to the faint jingling of bells.

And you are safe, completely safe, on your raft.

Copyright © by John Remmers.