Lost, but Not Forever

It was dark and overcast. Not a single star to provide even a tiny bit of light. I wandered about the countryside, crossing meadows, feeling my way through little patches of woods.

Quiet, so quiet. Sometimes I thought I could hear faint voices in the distance, singing perhaps, a snatch of some vaguely familiar tune.

Just my imagination. There wasn't another soul for miles.

I expect that most people would be afraid to walk alone at night, over unknown terrain, with no light to make sense of the seemingly random hills, valleys, rocks, trees.

Me, I don't fear it. I take the long view. From eternity the sun has risen every morning in the eastern sky. Now, that's like a promise, a commitment, a message that says: It's going to happen again, just like it always has.

All I have to do is hold out for a few hours. Then the light will come and I can see my way once again. Just a few more hours, that's all. I can tough it out till then.

Copyright © by John Remmers.