The Ladies Oblivious to the Scratching of My Nails

can you play the role as well as i?

can you sip your tepid tea and smile at the ladies, the tedious bitches who chatter on about their gardens and their sons and daughters away at school?

“would you care for some more tea?”

oh, i am so polite, such a hypocrite. i cannot stand these pretentious hags.

i scrape my nails on the window pane, hoping they will hear and wince. they do not, of course, so focused they are on their petty concerns.

the clouds roll rapidly in, the sky darkens, and then the deluge. the storm came up so quickly! we gather up our things and hasten indoors.

“i must leave you now, my fine ladies.”

in my car i speed to the center of town, the rain pouring down in sheets. better the company of bookmakers and whores than those pompous painted hypocrites.

© 1992, 2004 by John Remmers.